Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Stitch Symptom Goes Crazy

When Stitch was born he was meant for destruction, therefore when Jumbe gave him order stitch became defiant and will not listen.

When stitch came to Hawaii with Lillo, Lillo attempted to train stitch yet his aggression became out of control.

Stitch growing pass his problem

When stitch was first made he started to have no control over himself and started to become rebellious to autoirties. Stitch then meet Lillo and started to be tested on his behavior in which he is marked as evil. He start to progress from his problem by being train and start lil by little to become good.

Percent Of Disorder

There a result of only 16 percent of children may recieve this disorder.

Stitch Cause for his disorder

When stitch was made he never had family or any good role module to tell him what to do. Therefore when stitch came down he felt that he shouldn't respect anyone and should be rebellious since that what his emotion told him to do.

Stitch needs Jesus. Time to go therapy

Stitch requires the approach of phylogical theory. Stitch is on the stage of his Anal in which he become very Phycotic.

Stitch start to figure it out.

Stitch second option will be the choice of congitive theory. Therefore he become very disgroup from everyone who try to help him. Then he became very disclosure