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May 16, 2016

Hi everyone!

It is with mixed feelings that I write this last newsletter of the 2015-16 school year. While I am happy to see summer here, I am also quite saddened to see tenof my kiddos moving on.

I think we had a pretty great year. We learned so much about so many things…weather, Pioneers, states of matter, economics, the periodic table of elements, biomes, government, vocabulary, and tons of math skills, to name just a few. Students completed two projects – Pioneer Reports and Animal Investigation Projects – which were amazing! We also learned how to be a team and support one another. Students were kind, helpful, honest, and supportive of each other every day; and boy did we laugh and have fun! The Multiager game show was a big hit, as usual. AR achievements were fabulous this year, too. Everyone did an outstanding job. Our top three achievers this year were Gavin with over 447 points, Isabella with over 448 points, and Sarah with over 800 points (808.7 to be exact)! Way to go!!

I'm looking forward to seeing Quionn, Lacie, Isabella, Aiden H., Greg, Joshua, Ash, Katy, Aly, Emma, Aiden W., and Aubree grow even more next year. They will be the leaders and role models in our class, showing the new crop of multiagers "how it is."

And you have no idea just how much I will miss Sarah, Tyler D., Gray, Shayne, Gavin, Tyler M., Clay, Zeke, Hannah, and Seth. You are such great kids and I am so confident in you and your abilities. I know that your future is so, so bright. I will miss hearing your stories, your laughter, and your questions and answers each and every day. I wish you all the best and hope you will visit me often and tell me all about YOU.

We do still have a full, 5-day week of school with lots going on…

Math – Both groups will be doing fun math activities & games.

Spelling – None!! We are done!!!

Board Game Day - Tuesday, May 17th. Students may bring in ONE (1) board game from home on Tuesday for sharing and play. These will come back home the same day.

Read-IN Day - Wednesday, May 18th. Students will be having a Read-IN (reading all the time!) on Wednesday morning after our AR Convocation Celebration. Students may bring in books from home as well as read from our classroom library.

Packing Up – Thursday, May 19th. Students will bring home the majority of their supplies on Thursday. Students may bring an extra bag to help carry everything home.

Brown Bag Breakfast – Friday, May 20th. Please bring your breakfast to school (including a drink). A flyer with details is attached.

Field Day – Friday, May 20th in the afternoon. Please wear your class shirts!! Water bottles will be provided. Cross your fingers for no rain!

Report Cards – these will be in backpacks on Friday.

Class Movie – I will finish up this year’s class movie as soon as I’ve added in our last day photos. I will send a link to you via email with directions on how download the movie from Dropbox. Hope you enjoy our memories!!!

With that, I will sign off for the last time this year. Remind your kids to read and practice their multiplication facts this summer….not all the time, just once in a while.

I wish you all the happiest, safest, and "fun-est" of summers. Enjoy!!!

Love to you all,

Ms. Williams

Mark Your Calendars...

Mon., May 16 - Talent Show

Tues., May 17 - Young Author's Day

Fri., May 20 - Last Day of School; End of 4th Quarter & 2nd Semester


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