Goddess of love and beauty


1. She was born when she rose from the foam off the island of Cyrus.

2. She had three children.

3. She was married to Zeus's son, whose name was Hephaestus.

4. She was the goddess of love and had no other things to do than to look pretty and make others fall in love with her.

5. She wore a girdle with magic powers and looked attractive to everyone who looked at it.

6. Although she was the goddess of love, she could become cruel and angry, but there were times when she could be kind.

7. She lived on Mount Olympus, and involved herself in many affairs.

8. Also, people say she was the cause of the Trojan War.

9. Out of three goddess', she was voted for the most beautiful.

10. Aphrodite has other names. Some of them are Acidalia, Cytherea, & Cerigo.

Aphrodite's Family

Her mom's name was Dione (who soothes and cures her), her dad is Uranus, and her three children and Phobus, Deimus, & Harmonuia. And her spouse what Hephaestus. Aphrodite's roman name is also Venus.

Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty

By Brenna Bixenmann

Me and Aphrodite

Me and Aphrodite are somewhat the same because sometimes she can become cruel and angry but can also be nice. I can be very mean sometimes... but I can also be kind. Because once I punched my sister in the face after she kicked me in the stomach, and made her nose bleed. But also, I can be kind. Because once I shopped for a 16 year old girl for Christmas for school, and I didn't even know the person. And I also chose her because she is the goddess of love and beauty.