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Week of January 10, 2021

Schedule Update

The schedule for the week of January 11-15 has changed. With the cancellation of exams, there will be no half days on January 13-15. These days will be full days for high school students and will be used for regular teaching and learning. Semester 2 will begin on January 18.

Patriot Online Academy Update

Patriot Online Academy Students and Parents. Westwood High School continues to place an emphasis on the learning and well-being of our students during the 2020-21 school year, and how COVID-19 has impacted teaching and learning. We understand that many students and families are struggling to navigate their way through this pandemic. As a result, WHS has made modifications to how 1st semester grades will be calculated for our Patriot Online Academy students. The changes are as follows:

  • Students who have completed less than 50% of their course will need to retake the course.

  • Students who have completed 50% or more of their online class will be granted a two-week extension to complete their class (deadline January 29th).

  • Students who complete 90% of their class or higher will receive the final grade that is displayed on Odysseyware

  • Students who complete less than 90% of their course will have their grade deducted 1% for every percentage point below 90%. For example, if a student completes 75% of the course and earns a 87% on the content, their final grade will be deducted by 15 (90-75=15) points and he/she will earn a 72% for a final grade.

  • Students must complete the final exam of the course in order to receive credit. They will need to message their teacher when ready to take the exam.

  • If student decides to stop at 90% progress, they'll still need to take the semester exam. In this instance, the teacher will need to open up the exam in advance.

We feel these changes are in the best interest of our students. These modifications are temporary and will only apply to semester 1. If you have additional questions or concerns please feel to contact Mr. Corcoran, POA Director, at corcorank@nice.k12.mi.us. Thanks and here’s to a much improved 2021!

After School Homework Lab

There will be an after school homework lab this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, andThursday from 3-4 pm in the media center for students who need help with their homework or need support getting caught up on missing assignments. We are approaching the end of the first semester and time to turn in missing work is running out.

WHS Advanced Bio Students Dissect Pigs

Advanced Biology students are removing skin and fascia from their pigs in order to study the superficial muscles of the pig. They will learn the muscles on the pig and the muscles on humans and the differences between the species. This is all part of learning the muscular system.
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Senior All Night Party Planning Group Update

The Senior All Night Party planning group is in much need of a new Chairperson. Scott Rodda filled the position last year and no longer is able to do so. If there is someone who is willing to step up please contact Tia Rodda at 906-362-0501 or tiarodda@gmail.com
Westwood High School Athletic Schedules

Please note that schedules are subject to change.