CHS Multimedia Newsletter

January 2018

Welcome Back

Welcome back to an exciiting second semester at the CHS Library. Take a look at the best activities for getting started in the New Year.

Library Programming Possibilities

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After second semester textbook distribution is completed, library activities will resume. Possibiliites include Duct Tape creations and/or Makey Makey gaming Introduction. Pay attention for more details.

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Gale Virtual Library Trial

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For those of you who are in need of current non fiction Ebooks, utlilize the one month Gale Virtual Reference Trial beginning January 9, 2018. You will locate the link at the CHS Library Information on the Colton High School Library Home Page . Let me know what you think of this resource.


Google My Maps-Explore the World

The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea are fast approaching. One way to uncover valuable information on the region is through Google My Maps. Consider utlilzing this tool for discovering important details on any region of the world for travel bucket lists to key historical locations.