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Why Do Earthquakes Happen?

Earthquakes are caused when rocks break underground along the fault. The release of energy cause the seismic waves to make the ground shake. When the 2 blocks of rock rub against each other, they stick and catch on each other. They still push up on each other but don't move, after, the rock breaks because of all the pressure build up, and when they break that's when an earthquake occur. The spot underground where the rock breaks is the focus, the place right above it, on ground, is the epicenter. During an earthquake buildings may sway and topple, and fire may start from gas or electric lines breaking. Earthquakes happen along the edge of earths tectonic plate, and are also common in the "Ring of Fire" which is a major fault zone. Seismology is the studying of earthquakes, they are recorded and measured by devices called seismometers, the size of an earthquake is measured by its magnitude, which is the the size of the shocks waves and the energy produced or released.

How to prepare for an Earthquake

Drop, Cover and Hold On

Earthquakes are unpredictable and can happen anywhere at any time, so its always important to know what to do to protect yourself during an earthquake. One way your can prepare is to make sure to secure items that could cause injuries like bookshelves. You can also look around places that you usually are at and make sure there is a sturdy piece of furniture like a table to protect yourself with during an earthquake. The third thing you want to do is practice going under a study piece of furniture and hold on to it with one hand while covering your head and neck with your other hand. And last you want to store critical supplies like work documents and also have a emergence kit with things like medical supplies, a radio and flashlight. If you are outside while an earthquake occurs you want to stay away from anything that could fall on you or harm you during an earthquake and drop, cover your head and neck and hold on to something. If you are in a car during an earthquake, you want to safely pull over to the side of the road and cover your head and neck, after that proceed cautiously once the earthquake has stopped.

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