Kelly Gonzalez :)

Welcome Elementary

Growing up from age 5-11 i went to welcome elementary. my whole elementary experience was amazing. Our principal was very engaged with us , we even rescued a dog and made him our mascot ,our mascot was wesley the dog. welcome elementarys color was blue. i loved my childhood in this school all the teachers prepared me very well for middle school

Tanglewood Middle School

i go to tanglewood middle school, i have advanced english and math , tanglewood is a very encouraging school and i'm hoping to continue going to this school , i'm currently in 7th grade . Our school colors are royal blue and white .i'm very confident tanglewood is going to lead me in the right path for high school

Carolina High School

Im going to Carolina high academy because i believe Carolina has many opportunities for me . They have honor classes which is very important for me , they have many extracurricular activities to choose from .

Furman university

Im hoping to go to Furman university , Furman has a huge campus and learning opportunities for me ,There are many reasons why i want to come to Furman. they have compact classes, Friendly students on a private campus. Furman is one of many choices i have but so far Furmans in first place