Poems By Cierra

Bean Burrito

Cierra's Bean Burrito- Imagery

I love a hot steamy bean burrito.

I like only beans and melted white cheddar cheese.

I hate everything else on it.

I don't like the red hot sauce touching my beautiful burrito.

I HATE lettuce because it's green.

Sour cream has a sour taste, it makes my beautiful burrito taste funny.

I never want guacamole to touch anything I eat, it is green like lettuce

and yucky like sour cream.

My beautiful bean burrito was so spectacular!


Similes and Metaphore

On Fridays, my friend and I hang out in Lindsborg.

We go to the pool and we are fish in the summer.

It is hot like a campfire in the summer.

We hang out with other friends then we always go to the park, play and talk.

We all have fun together and we get along.

After hanging out I stay the night with my friend named Kylee.

The Old Lady that Danced - Limerick

There was an old lady who liked to dance

She started by wearing her fancy pants

So she danced in the store

She danced right into the door

Moving around she must have ants.

This old lady really like to dance!

Seashells - Alliteration

Seth sells seashells at the sea shell store.

Seth sails to school on sunday.

Seth and Shara share seashells.