Destrucitve and Constructive Forces


Destructive Forces

Destructive forces break down the earth.


The 2004 Tsumani os Southeast Asia was caused by a earthquake in the Indian Ocean. To keep rivers from flooding people have built dams among thier banks. They are an embanketment build along the river's edge. People that live near oceans can protect themselves from surges by leavees and dikes. These are all flood barriers. 


A earthquake is a destructive force because is breaks the ground and causes faults.


It shoots out lava and it would cause fires.

Constructive force

A constructive force builds up the earth.


Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest disasters that hit the United States' Gulf Coast in 2005.


Decomposers break down unnessecery organisams.

Organic wheathering

Organic wheathering is when plant roots break up rocks with growing roots or plant acid.