VCR Lesson 2 Presentation

By: Ann Hu

Fill in the blank

Although the __________ "nerd" was once seen has negative, now the word is associated with many of the wealthiest men on the planet.
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n. A word or phrase use positively or negatively that characterizes or describes a person or thing, added to or replacing a name.

How do I remember it?

Skin is called "epidermal". "epithet" and "epidermal" both share the prefix "epi-". Skin is a word used to replace the word epidermal.


epi (G.) "on", "torward"
tithenai (G.) "to put"


  • nickname
  • title
  • label
  • tag


There are no direct antonyms because "epithet"is used in a neutral sense.


Choose the letter of the sentence below in which the word is used incorrectly.

a. Usain Bolt earned the epithet "fastest man in the world" after he ran the 100 m race in an astounding 9.58 seconds.
b. As a result of her petite body type, many people began using the epithet "twig" to describe Judy.
c. Miranda carefully used the epithet to examine the plant cells in Biology.
d. Some racial slurs or epithets such as "hillbilly" are considered hurtful by some people.