Sandra's trip to the carnival

By:Sandra baskar

Ticket price

At the carnival, if you buy x tickets you have to pay a $10 fee, and pay .50 per ticket. How many tickets can I buy with $30?
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Mini games

At the carnival you want to play some mini games. You have $16 in your pocket saved for mini games. Each game you play is $2. You want to have at least $4 left over. How many games can you play until you have at least $4 left over?
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Puppet show!!

You are going to watch a puppet show. But before the show starts, you want to buy some snacks. You buy, some popcorn for $5, some candy for $4, some chicken wings for $8, 3 red slushys, and 2 blue slushy's. How much was each of the slushys if the total was $29?
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Merry go round!!

There were 2 merry go rounds. Carnival 101 merry go round was a $4 fee and $1 for every round. The other merry go round, Round you go, has no fee, but $2 per round. How many rounds, p ,do you need to go on to get each company at the same rate?