Welcome to Team 6B Science!

Gunning Bedford Middle School 2013-2014

From Miss Cuje:

Hello! My name is Miss Cuje and welcome to Gunning Bedford! I am very excited to work with you and your child this year.

Sixth grade is a big transition year because middle school is very different than elementary school. But don't worry, we will get through it together! To get started on the right foot, here are some helpful tips and info!


Intro For Parents by Scuje

You can check your child's grade 24/7 online!

Simply go to the Home Access Center to view your child's progress (in any class) any time you want! Don't remember your log in information? Call the District office at 302-323-2700.

How I will communicate with you this year:

How to sign up for text message reminders with Remind101! (or you can opt for emails)

Progress Reports

Progress reports will come home EVERY TWO WEEKS. It is a print out of your child's grade, at that time in the Marking Period. It is not a report card.

Progress reports allow you to see how your child is doing throughout the marking period and what assignments they are missing. These reports have A LOT of information on them and can seem very confusing at first glance.

To see an actual progress report from last year and notes from me to help you understand it, please click here: HOW TO READ A PROGRESS REPORT

Check out what my website has to offer!

Go to cuje.weebly.com

The items below are just SOME of what is on my website... there is much more!

Some pictures from last year...

Weren't able to make it to a Parent Meeting this summer? Check out the presentation!

See you at Open House!

Wednesday, Sep. 11th, 7-9pm

801 Coxneck Rd

New Castle, DE

Get a chance to meet all your child's teachers and hear important information from each class to get started on the right foot.