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Getting Set Up for Success!

Navigation courses

Create Parent and Student Accounts [students must sign in using their accounts at all times] (2 minutes):

Learn how to use NewRow

Checking your student's progress:

How to Navigate the OHS classroom

How to find and submit assignments:

How to submit a teacher graded assignment (TGA) to the assignment folder:

How to check your grade and what assignments you are missing:

How to contact your teachers:

How to take a test/quiz:


How to find and navigate Family Links:

LC/Parent OHS Account Overview:

Quick How to Video:

How to find your Student ID Number:

How to use Parent Portal:

How to contact counselors:

Where to find graduation plans:

Where to find work permit info, transcript & records request:

What to do if you are going to be out of town (Travel Plan):

Attendance and Accessing your Courses DAILY!

3 Things to do Every Day!

How to Know What to do For Each Class Every Day:

How to Complete Offline Work Logs

How to earn Attendance Credit

UTC and Communication Process:

FAQs about attendance reminders:

Physical Education

View these video tutorials if you need help completing your PE quiz or journal!

PE Quiz:

PE Journal:

Viewing Your Grad Plan

How to view and understand your grad plan:

Tech Support

Troubleshooting common tech issues by clearing cache, deleting cookies, and restarting:

Set your Time Zone in the Online High School (2 minutes):