The 21st Amendment

Akudo Okere P.2 Mrs. Rodgers

21st Amendment in Detail

Repeal of Prohibition Amendment- The twenty-first amendment (1933) repeals the Eighteenth Amendment. It is the only amendment ever passed to overturn an earlier amendment .

Court Case !

Granholm vs. Heald

Michigan and New York laws allowed in state wineries to directly ship alcohol to consumers but restricted the ability of out -of -state wineries to do so. In separate cases , groups sued the state and argued that the laws violated the U.S. constitution's "dormant" comerce clause. This cause was constitutional and Heald won with 5 votes.

My Court Case Senario

Texas allowed production and sales of wine and beer. California did the same.Minnesota and Washington argued that those states were breaking the constitution. The name of the case was Texas/California vs. Minnesota/Washington . Texas won and this court case was ruled constitutional . At the time , out of state wineries could not ship these states. Other states found this unfair so they fought against it . This was all made possible by the 21st Amendment.


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