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December 5, 2014


By: Will and Andrew

Photosynthesis is the process of plants making their own sugar for food. Photosynthesis turns carbon dioxide, water and sunlight into sugar and oxygen. The process starts with the roots soaking the water up. Then, the carbon dioxide enters through the stomata. Also, the sunlight is captured by the chloroplasts. Once the plant has all it needs for photosynthesis, it will produce sugar and oxygen. The oxygen is thrown out and the sugar is kept for food. Photosynthesis is interesting and amazing because it also gives us the oxygen we need live.

Castle in the Attic

By: Carlie and Daniella

Have you ever wondered what your child's bookclub book is about? Well today's your lucky day! We're gonna summarize what is happening. Right now in the book things are getting crazy. William gets to the castle, but a dragon is guarding the castle gates.

Instead of giving up, William plays his recorder so the dragon is soothed. Instead of breathing fire, it showed different scenes of people dying or getting hurt. One of these tragic scenes shows Mrs. Phillips being severely burned by the fire she was sitting next to. When William sees this his mind blows up. He yells "watch out," but a voice in his mind tells him to keep playing music.

When William starts playing music he gets closer to the dragon and stabs it in the right thigh. Now he has control of it. And this is what happened so far in the book.

Red Ribbon Week!

By: Callie and Litzy

A couple weeks ago the whole school celebrated Red Ribbon week. Red Ribbon week was about staying healthy and also being drug, alcohol and tobacco free. So, seniors from different high schools came to our school. They talked about how they have been drug, alcohol and tobacco free and why they have chosen to be that way. We think it was really good for them to come to our school because it inspires us to not be that way when we're older.

Also, in that week we had three days because it was a short week. Each day we dressed up in different styles. On Wednesday, we wore our shirts backwards. On Thursday, we dressed in jerseys from any sports team. Finally on Friday, the whole school wore red.

Everyone at our school loves red ribbon week because it encourages us to always stay healthy.

Four Square Rules

By: Nick and James

Have you ever wondered what your kid means when they say they played four square? We will be explaining the rules and why kids enjoy playing foursquare.

First, we will explain the different types of rules for playing foursquare. There is Tobias, volleyball rules, 2014 rules, 2015 rules, classic rules, and Myles & Tanner rules. The three most popular rules are 2015, 2014 and Tobias. The difference between 2015 rules and Tobias are that in 2015 rules you can do anything except "cheap" or unfair serves (such as hard or baby serves) along with putting both of your feet in another player's square.

In Tobias, the basic structure is the same as 2015 rules except you can use any part of your body except your hands. Also, you cannot pick up the ball in the middle of the game as you can in 2015 rules. These rules may seem extremely unfair and challenging, however they are very exciting to play with.

Did you know that Tobias had been banned earlier in the year? Luckily, on November 18 the student council members committed to earn this privilege back which made many students joyful. The reason why Tobias was banned in the first place was because of too many injuries, arguments, and teams that would only get certain people out. The reason why students got injured was because this game was mostly played with soccer balls.

There are many reasons why students at Skyline enjoy foursquare. Patrick from our class said, "I like four square because of the rules".

In the final analysis, foursquare may seem exciting to one point of view and unfair to others.

Long Break Or Not

By: Patrick and Kyle

Should all schools have a week off for Thanksgiving break? Some good things if you have a week off are having extra time to prepare for dinner on Thanksgiving. It might also be nice to have a week off because you can spend more time with your family and friends. You will also get more time to travel to other places.

Some good things about a shorter break is that you get less work when you go back to school because you have done a lot of work already. You probably will also get a party for Thanksgiving.

Some bad things for having a week off is that you have a lot of work when you get back. You will probably also be going somewhere, so you may not see your friends because you are gone. That means that you might see your friends more when you are at school.

Some bad things about a shorter break are that you don't get much time to prepare for Thanksgivings. You will also get less time to travel. It would be bad too because you would get less time to spend with your family.


By: Eric

I am going to review the book Hunger Games. The characters are Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Gale, Mr. Snow and other people who they fight. Katniss and Peeta are from district 12 and they fight people from other districts. It is about a raffle and every kid in each district has to go into the raffle. If you get picked, you fight for your life. There is a girl named Katniss Everdeen who volunteers for her sister who got picked. But I won't give away the ending.

I recommend this book to people who love action and violence. I give this book 4 and a half out of 5 stars but not 5 because it is a little depressing. In conclusion, I really liked this book but no kid under age 8 should read it because it may be a little scary for younger kids.

Are you smarter then a 5th grader?

By: Greta

During the past few weeks in class, we have been learning a lot. In math we have been learning how to round decimals. In science, we have been learning about the parts of a flower and how trees produce their own food. In reading we have been learning about the plurals of words. You can tell that's a lot of learning!


1. What is 2.078 rounded to the nearest tenth?

2. Can you name 3 main parts of a flower?

3. How can you tell how old a tree is?

4. What's 45.25 divided by 10 to the 5 th power?

5. What is 10 to the 7th power =?


#1.) 2.1

#2.) stamen, pistil, ovary

#3.) by counting the rings on the stump

#4.) 0.0004525

#5.) 10000000

Top 5

By: Ryan and Parks

We surveyed the class and asked what their favorite sports were and here are the votes.

1. Soccer

2. Football, baseball, tennis

3. Basketball

Soccer got the most votes in the class and we had a three way tie for second place with basketball trailing in last place! We chose this topic because a lot of the kids in this class play sports. On any given day we see kids playing four square, football, basketball, and soccer.

Harry Potter Book Review

By: Alex M

In the magical world of Harry Potter, Harry gets accepted into

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, but only after 11 years of torture

at the Dursley's house. When he gets to the train station and gets in the train,

he meets 2 new friends- Ron and Hermione. This man named Hagrid told

him he was one of the most famous wizards in the world because he was the

only one who ever survived the killing curse- AVADA KEDAVRA!!!

Dangers lurked at Hogwarts and someone planned to kill Harry. Evil Lord Voldemort is alive. Will Harry get out alright? Find out by reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling.

Ask Astrid

Dear Astrid,

Arrahhh! I am so stressed. I have a lot of homework and no time after school to do it. I don't know what to do. Please help me!


A Very Stressed Student

Dear a Very Stressed Student,

I understand what your feelings are about homework. There are many ways to make time to do your homework. Here are some ways to handle this problem. Mrs. Goodman lets us have time during class if you finish your work. So, if you use your class time wisely you can complete it earlier. You can always set a time of day to sit down and finish your work, just like how I always set a time to play a little game of "tag" with my crickets. If you absolutely have no time you can sit at recess and do your homework. If you don't have a computer or it is broken, you can come early to school to do it in the classroom or library. I hope my advice helped!

Love your cricket loving friend, Astrid


You might want to keep your homework away from me because I love the taste of math...

Seen and Heard By Emily and Greta

Editors: Logan and Stella