My Family

By Izabell Krueger

Family Time

We have family time a lot. Normally we watch a movie like new movies that just came out on DVD or old ones from when my mom and dad where little. For my brothers birthday he got Wipeout for the Xbox so we have been playing that a lot.

What We Do

My brother is on a traveling baseball team in the summer so every weekend we are in Des Moine. The practice is going to start this week and his first tournament is in Topeka, Kansas on April 12th and 13th. My sister has no sports to do but she has a long filled summer playing imaginary baseball with her friend Braylon. I do softball in the summer and that is about it. My mom spends time going for place to place taking us places. Finally my dad works a Cargill and spends most day helping with the building. On weekends he is with us or at my brothers baseball cheering him on with the rest of us.

Family Members

Mom- Brandi

Dad- John

Little brother- Michael

Little sister- Brynn

And Callie my dog