Barry the Bear

By: Stephen Schultz

About me, Barry

My name is Barry. Most of my friends think I am a scary guy, but I think I am pretty warm and fuzzy. I like to fish in my free time and eat all the fish I can get with my sharp teeth. I also enjoy taking very, very long naps. I call my naps hibernation. It's pretty catchy right? The only other thing you should know about me is I don't shave very much because I like to keep my body filled with lots and lots of fur to stay warm.

The Perfect Mate

The perfect mate for me would have lots and lots of feathers. They would be able to fly and have a large beak so they can sore high in the sky to spot fish and swoop down to catch tons of them. Then we could share an enjoyable evening under the stars eating all the fish together. It would be a very yummy meal assuming my mate likes eating fish even if they don't have teeth.