1G Weekly News

November 15, 2014

Notes and Updates

Hi parents,

In Writing, students began planning their stories by gathering ideas, planning across their hands, and sketching.

In Reading, students learned how to make connections by relating stories to their own experiences and other texts they read.

During Math, students practiced doubles facts and double plus 1. They also worked on addition facts and knowing how decipher true and false statements. Finally, students practiced place value through identifying ones and tens in each number.

In Science, students learned about the effects of water on sand and clay. They uncovered the meaning of silt and furthered their understanding about rock properties.


Shannon Keane

A Peek at the Week Ahead

Special Announcements

Dear Parents,

1. Scholastic Book Order:

A book order went home in your child's folder. If you wish to order books from Scholastic, you can place your order on their website. I have attached a parent letter explaining the process for ordering books. Orders need to be placed by Wednesday, November 19.

2. Playgrounds during dismissal:

We would like to remind you that the elementary playgrounds are closed until 3:15pm. Once the playground opens at 3:15 all students must be supervised directly by a parent or an adult. Thank you for your support.

3. Important Dragon Band Announcement:

If your child uses their Dragon Band to purchase lunch at school it is important to "top up" the band at the vending machine on a regular basis. Campus Card will send reminders to parents once the card dips below 100 QR.

4. Big News- author visit this week!

All of the students in the Lower Elementary School will be meeting our visiting author, Hena Khan on Monday. Listening to a writer and discovering how she comes up with ideas and translates those on to the page is a great thrill for our students. They are all learning to be writers so seeing a 'real' author can be a true incentive for them in their own writing.

We are selling copies of Hena Khan's books in the library and a book by an author you have met always finds a special place on a child's bookshelf. So if you would like to buy a copy, please complete the form and return it to school.

Many thanks,

Catherine Gellatly

LES Librarian

Thank you kindly.

Pajama Day

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 7:45am

American School, Doha, Qatar

Doha, Doha

Students may wear their pajamas to school today! However, they must have shoes for recess. Students may also bring a stuffed animal to school.

Movie Night

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 3-5:30pm

American School, Doha, Qatar

Doha, Doha

Please see the form that went home for more information.