BY: Gary Paulsen

BY: Carlos Cervantes

That brian parents have split apart he doesn't like when people use the words divorce.Then his dad get on an airplane to go visit his son.The pilot has a heart attack and the dad doesn't know how to flight a airplane. They crash on a island and the dad doesn't get to see his son tell the end of the book because they don't find him tell then. Then the boy is happy to see his dad because he thought his dad had to do something else but he didn't he as on a island the hole time.

Whole book summary

That the book is about a little kid and his father is going to see him.But when he's on the airplane the pilot has a heart attack and they get stranded on a island because his plane crashes.Then his son thinks his dad doesn't want to see him but he does just that he's stuck on the island tell the end he finally gets to find a way out but when they crash he doesn't know how to flight the plane so they just crash he was trying to flight the plain but he crashes it but then they find him in the end and the boy is happy to see his dad.Then they go and they find him they know he is stuck there because the news says that a plane has crashed and they couldn't find people and the little boy knew his dad was on there.