Mrs. Nagy's 1st Grade Class

First grade ROCKS... Come be a star!⭐️

HAPPY SPRING! Although the temps are dropping, at least the sun is shining:) Here is the latest...

  • BOOK FAIR - The First Grade will be visiting the book fair during their library time on Tuesday. The book fair is hosting a Buy One Get One Free event. Most books range from 5 to 20 dollars. If you would like your child to shop on this day, please send in money in a labeled envelope by Tuesday. Also, if you prefer for your child to ONLY purchase books, please indicate so on the envelope. Their are MANY impulse items like erasers, posters, pens, pencils, etc. that the children tend to gravitate towards. These are also BOGO, too! Any questions, please let me know:)
  • Spelling List - This week's list is coming in your child's folder. This weeks list is a list from our new story. The list are words incorporated in our story. This list reviews sounds we have learned in our Phonics program. Bonus words will be added on Monday once we vote on some ideas.
  • St. Patrick's Day - As you witnessed in the video, we had quite a fun St. Patrick's Day. The leprechaun came and left on a rainbow streamer. The children did a fabulous job working together building their traps and discussing their reasoning for their designs. Unfortunately, no one out-smarted the leprechaun...he got away.
  • DIBELS - Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills Coming home with your child starting this week will be a one minute reading assignment for each night of homework. This is a reading assessment that is used to help determine your child's fluency and proficiency of reading on grade level. This type of testing is completed each year in every grade level to provide both you and I data on your child's reading ability based on a predetermined standard. The assignment I send home will be an example of what the students will encounter when tested in May. A base line assessment was done in January. Please have your child complete the assignment each night and return on Fridays. A list of directions will come home with the first week's assignment. We will continue to practice with samples through April.
  • Romeo and Lou - Romeo and Lou are out for a second round of visits. If your child chooses to participate, Romeo and Lou will be visiting for another time with your child. If you get a chance, take a look at the journal included...Romeo and Lou have had quite a few awesome adventures. A lot of fun for the children and the class.
  • Book It - March is the last month for Book it! So far, only 3 children that have completed the assignment. The March requirement came home in your child's folder. The Book It was 2 shamrocks that the children need to fill out with book title and why they were "lucky" to read the book. This children have until March 31st to complete. If you need another copy, please let me know!!!
  • Magnificent Marshmallow Manners- We have reached our goal of 100 Marshmallows! The children have been working towards this goal since January. They have earned a popcorn and movie time. We will probably watch a movie over a couple of days to ensure learning time and well earned movie time have an equal balance. I will keep you posted as to the actually day/time.
  • Read to the class - The children have been doing such a fabulous job reading to each other at the reading corner. They are so respectful to each other and really seem to enjoy being the person leading the class. I will continue to allow them this opportunity to read. We will also be working on writing on our own stories and allowing the students the choice to read these as well. We have some very talented writers.
  • Flashlight Fridays -What a fun time we are having on Friday with our flashlights!!! The children have such a fun time with their books and flashlights. We will keep the flashlights until Easter break, then we will find other fun activities to fill our Fridays. Hopefully we can begin to take our learning outside!
  • Lent - For the remaning school days leading up to Lent, we will continue our focus on the importance of remembering Jesus and what he did for us. We will learn and talk about Palm Sunday and the events leading up to Easter including the events of Holy Week.
  • ARP - Keep those AR coming in! Many new students have taken a new interest in AR which is fabulous. Congratulations to Jack Yurechko who hit 50 points on Friday!
  • Book worm basket - The Parents' Association is asking for help with the upcoming reverse raffle and silent auction on April 25 in our school gym. Each classroom is assigned a theme for a basket. If you are interested in donating any items to our basket, please feel free to send those items in with your child. The theme of our basket is a "Bookworm basket". Any and everything you could imagine that would make your child want to read including books (of course), flashlights, pillows, stuffed animals, bookstore gift cards....anything. These items will be collected by the parents Association and made into an awesome basket that will be available for purchase at the auction that night.

It was great to see some of you at the Family Night on Saturday. I hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming school year!

Mrs. Nagy

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C Gym and Art


We will move on to 3 dimensional shapes/solid figures this week. This is a lot of fun, the children really like this unit of study. The children will learn about faces, vertex, vertices, and 3-D shapes (cones, rectangular prism, cylinder, cube, pyramid and sphere)

We are working with fact families and missing addends. We will continue to compare numbers with greater than/less than and write our own word problems and clues to learn not only the number but how numbers present themselves in complex real world situations where reading and number sense go hand in hand.

We will also continue to work on graphing, addition and subtraction with number families and missing addends. The adding and subtracting will begin to be through 20. Please continue to work on flash cards at home! Subtraction is a BIG stumbling block for most children. We are working on learning tools to solve subtraction/addition problems (i.e. doubles, doubles +1, counting on, making tens) These tools do not help with fluency in math facts, they help the child understand the concept, but practice is the only way to becoming proficient in facts. The children will be assessed in fluency up to 20 on the next report card, in order to determine where we need to see improvement. Fluency is very important for success in 2nd grade.


We will be learning about combinations -ur and -ir which both make the /er/ sound. We will learn the "technical" term for the /s/ sound of the letter c. In phonics, it is called a cedilla c. The term isn't as important as the concept the c can make the soft sound /s/ like in circle and to learn how to code and try it when encountering new words. We will also talk about digraph ow and learn that this can have two sounds.

Compound words and contractions will continue to be a focus, too!


Please read with your child every night for 20 MINUTES:)

Questions or concerns??

Please feel free to contact me by email.