Room 231

For the Week of November 5th - 9th, 2012

Creativity Abounds This Week!

This week will mark the end of Unit 1! We have done so much during these first few weeks; we've figured out what makes someone a hero, written an essay about that very topic, have learned about film techniques and have read The Giver together. To conclude this unit, our students will be creating their own graphic novel to show how Jonas' journey in The Giver followed the concept of a Hero's Journey. They will be doing the artwork in pairs, but they will also be writing a Reflective Text on their own to explain why they and their partner made the artistic choices that they did. They will also be taking a 25 question, multiple choice Unit Assessment this week. I am so looking forward to seeing the art that they create!


Cold Weather and Motivation

Parents: Please make sure that all of our students are coming to school in weather appropriate clothing. We take the students outside each day that it isn't raining and the windchill is 32 and above. In the past, parents have sent spare coats, hats, and gloves for students to keep in their lockers specifically for Walk and Talk time.

Also, please help us make certain that our students are reading by asking them about what they are reading and making sure that they have a book with them at school! I've created a plan to replace our Reading Response Journals, because I have seen that not enough reading structure is just as bad as too much. I will be sharing that plan with the students after this week - they have enough on their plates for now!

Have a wonderful week!