By: Hunter Wright

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What is Communism?

Communism is a economic system that has no classes and it is considered to be the opposite of capitalism. There is no private property and the government controls everything.

Who create the idea of Communism?

Karl Marx is considered to be the father of the idea of Communism.

Why did Communism become popular?

Communism became popular,because it promised equality with everyone due to the removal of classes.

Why Communism is the best economic philosophy

Communism is the best economic system, because it offers equality for all of the government's citizens. It also removes the competition between each citizen, because it removes classes.

Advantages over Socialism and Capitalism

Communism is the only economic system (out of the three) that removes classes and promises equality for all citizens.

Examples of Communism in modern times

China, Cuba, and North Korea are just a few examples of countries that are considered to be communist countries.

How is Communism being followed today?

Although Communism was considered a failed political system after the fall of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and early 1990s, countries like China, Cuba, and North Korea are still experimenting the ideas of Communism.

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