Warrior Weekly

January 11-15, 2016

Sad, but True!

Shari Marcuccilli has announced that she will be leaving our NWES family very soon. This is heartbreaking news for us, but she has a really great opportunity to work on a new family venture. She has had a very difficult time in making the decision, and will have a really difficult time in the next few weeks as she prepares to make the change. Her last day here will be January 29. She is going to be missed in so many ways!

Instructional Reminder!

Just a reminder that everyone should be posting their "I can" statements for reading and math each day. Also, be mindful of the "weigh it" for those statements. How do you know how today's instruction went? Are you using an "exit ticket" or another type of "weigh it" activity to guide what will happen tomorrow based on how far they got with their understanding today? Thanks for all you do each day to help these children succeed!

The Schedule

Monday, Jan. 11
  • 8:00--Speech Case Conference
  • 3:15--Speech Case Conference

Tuesday, Jan. 12

  • 7:35--Grade Level Team Meetings
  • 5:30--School Board Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 13

  • 7:35--SMART Start--Technology in the Classroom--SAMR Model Session 1--Meet in the Media Center.
  • 9:00-11:30--Class pictures in the Little Theater! (Sunrise is taking them!)

Thursday, Jan. 14

  • 7:35-Staff Meeting--School Improvement Plan
  • 1:00--Kris in a meeting

Friday, Jan. 15 GREEN AND GOLD DAY!!!

  • 7:35--RTI--Chris, Kris, Wendy, Deb, Christi, Keith, Teresa
  • Staff Birthday Celebration!
How to Use Data to Make a Hit TV Show!

Teachers, please watch this video sometime before Thursday.