Safety Rule in The Art Room

By Alex Melgar

General Safety

Don't horse play in the art room because you can hurt someone or your self
No eating in the room because if you didn't wash your hands and you have paint all over them you can get toxins in you stomach go to the hospital to get your stomach pumped. Don't stab anyone or you get ISP.

Listen to the teacher for what to do so you aren't confused and ask her/someone "what do we do."

Keep sharp objects away from your body and others.

Materials/Tools-Paint,Paint brush, and Pallet

  • Don't eat toxic paint or paint in general
  • Don't waste paint or water
  • Do take care of the paint brushes and pallets
  • Do pour a dime size of paint
  • Don't throw the paint pallet in the air
  • Don't drink the water
After painting wash your paint brush under the flowing water in the sink.

Then cover the paint pallet with another pallet to save paint.


Dispose the broken objects/materials, but before you do that report your teacher

Storage your art in your portfolio and wet art on the drying rack.

Paper that you don't use can go in your portfolio or in the paper bin so some else can use if they need.

Safety Tips

Don't be dumb with the art materials, sharp tools, and don't be mean to yours peers and teacher. Report to the teacher if someone broken something or that they are in pain. Don't hold sharp tools in the wrong way or your going to the nurse.


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