Andrew Jackson

An Ideal Lion-heart for Man

In a way, many find him iniquitous, but I do not.

My affirm is supported by a few reasons. Even in the beginning, Jackson was for the "common man". Not only does he crusade the average man, he also influenced suffrage in the union, opened state banks to commemorate the non-wealthy, defeated a larger British force during the battle of New Orleans and did everything he could to fortify the American Economy. Even before making those huge accomplishments, he created others on his own. Jackson was a self made man; doing everything he could on his own. He lived in a compacted, wee house with his mother. His father passed away, leaving Jackson a young, fatherless boy. He had to teach himself everything he knew.
Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary
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What does this picture represent/mean?

This picture is representing him being a hog, or pig, with his money. He is riding on it in his fancy clothes, exampling that he is abusing his powers and becoming the man that he despised: a white, rich man. He is on a pedestal that reads, "To the Victors belong the Spoils." This means that him, being a victor, is rewarding those of whom are supporters of him (The Spoil System). The artist probably found Andrew to be a cruel, rich man.