The Persian Wars

How did the war end

Who was the Persian war fought by and why did it start.

The Persian wars were fought by Greek city-states and Persia between 490 and 479 BC.

The war started when Cyrus the great of Persia captured Ionian, and Lydia, nations of Greece.

Cyrus the great of Persia

He was the king of Persia in 559. He captured Ionian, and Lydia, starting the war between Greece and Persia.

The battles of the Persian wars.

4 of the greatest battle fought in the Persian wars are the battle of the Athenians, the battle of Thermopylae, the battle of Salami, and the battle for Ionian, and Lydia.

The battle of Thermopylae

In the battle of Thermopylae

King Leonidas led his 300 Spartan hoplite elite troops plus their Boeotian allies from Thespis and Thebes, against Xerxes and his army, including the "10,000 Immortals." The Spartan-led forces fought this unstoppable Persian force to their deaths, blocking the pass long enough to keep Xerxes and his army occupied while the rest of the Greek army escaped. They were defeated when a medizing traitor named Ephialtes led the Persians around the pass running behind the Greek army, thereby crushing the remote chance of Greek victory.

The Spartans who led the defense, at battle of Thermopylae were all killed, and they may have known in advance that they would be, but their courage provided inspiration to the Greeks, many of whom otherwise might have willingly to fight. After the battle
Athens was captured, and burned. Before the city was under attack the navy went out to a stayed on the isle of Salamis, opposite Athens.

Spartan Hoplite

These men were selected because they had living sons back home.

The battle for Athenians

In 490 BC, the Athenians led by Miltiades,a general of the greek army,defeated the invading persians

The battle of Salami

The battle of Salami is were the Persians fell for the trick that Themistocles had set for them. When the Xerxes sent his fleet to block the end of the strait between Salamis and mainland Greece. Themistocles sent his fleet to attack and won greatly.

Storys of the Persian wars

There is a story that after Leonidas died, the Greeks tried to retrieve the corpse by means of a gesture worthy of the Myrmidons trying to rescue Patroclus in the Iliad XVII. It failed. The Thebans surrendered; the Spartans and Thespians retreated and were shot by Persian archers. The body of Leonidas may have been crucified or beheaded on Xerxes' orders. It was retrieved about 40 years later.

End of the Persian wars

In 448 B.C. a peace treaty is signed with Persia.