"Any tooth in a mans mouth is more valuable than a diamond"

Educational requirements

To be a dentist, you have to have obtained a bachelor's degree prior to dental school. Also you have to have a doctoral degree in dental medicine or surgery ; residency counts in some cases.

What are dentist at risk of while doing their profession ?

Many dental care professionals are at risk of being exposed to a variety of hazardous chemicals and situations. For example, they can be exposed to many anesthetic gases during operation.

"Making the world a better place one smile at a time "

Legal issues Dental Proffesionals can run into

Malpractice ( Failure of an oral healthcare provider to exercise the degree of care) , Negligence ( Unintentional practice with actual harm without a standard of proficient care ) , and lastly a very rare issue of drug and or fluoride overdose.

A common type of infection most Dentist face

A common infection most dentist treat in adults is a disease called Gum Paresthesia. Gum Paresthesia is a loss of sensation around the gums also a sensation of tingling around the gum area. You can prevent his type of infection by removing your wisdom teeth earlier. This helps because as soon as you are in your adult ages , they are more difficult to extract and your wisdom teeth are the main cause of this infection.