Maddy Scopone

Country Basics

Name: Oman

Capital: Muscat

Flag history: The Oman flag has 3 stripes: red, green and white. Green represents fertility, White represents peace and red is a national color. The national emblem, a Khanjar Dagger is a badge of the Omani royal family. Their flag was adopted in 1995.

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Oman is located in southwest Asia (middle east) and its neighboring countries are: Saudi Arabia, Yemen and United Arab Emirates. Some major landforms in Oman are: The Gulf Of Oman which is the sea that borders the Arabian Peninsula. Another major landform is the Hajar mountains. A major landmark in Oman is the Nizwa Fort which is a castle that teaches history of Oman. Another major landmark is the Royal Opera House located in Muscat. The two major bodies of water located in and or near Oman are the Gulf Of Oman and the Arabian Sea.

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The government of Oman is absolute monarchy. Their sultan is Qaboos bin said Al said. Their deputy prime minister is Fahd bin Mahmoud. Some human rights of the citizens in Oman are: everyone is respected by their peers and they have the freedom to do what they please on the internet. The sultan is chosen by an election held for citizens to vote.


Oman is a rich country, they place 24th richest country out of 100 countries. Omani rial is the currency used in Oman. Oman gets $48.4 billion by exporting petroleum, fish and metals. The major imports are cars and refined petroleum. The drinking water source is seawater but it is filtered before it is given to drink.

Life expectancy rate: 76.1%

Birth rate: 24.44%

literacy rate: 91.1%


In Oman men wear long white dresses called dishdasha's. Women wear long dresses with a headdress. One popular dish they eat is kebabs which is meat and veggies on a skewer that is grilled. The main religion that is practiced it Islam and the main language is Arabic.


The usual temperature is around 40 degrees and the average rainfall is 4%. Oman is mostly desert so it is hot and dry most of the year. Oman is very dry also so they have many droughts year round.

Oman History

Oman joined the Arab league and the united nations in 1971. In 1971, sultan qabus won the right to be elected to the countries agreed body.