Josie Reed

Energy Resources

Solar Energy

Solar energy is from the sun. The sun produces solar radiation we collect some of this radiation and transfer it into electricity and heating. The intensity and amount of sunlight varies by location. the weather and climate affect the availability of soar energy. So solar energy is an not a reliable resource. The sun has producing energy to power life on earth for millions of years. We just learned to transfer it into electricity. Solar energy can be used for heat and electricity. Did you know That solar cells change sunlight directly into electricity. Also solar energy dose not produce any pollution. One innovative idea about solar energy is to have robots that can build massive solar power plants. Robots will be better at this than us because they are better at repetitive tasks that take a lot of precision.

Nuclear Energy

The resource that makes nuclear energy is called uranium. Uranium is a metallic element that's atom number is 92. When you brake the bonds in uranium nuclear power is realest. That is called nuclear fission. The nuclear energy is transformed into electricity. Nuclear power comes from nuclear fission. Nuclear power plants heat water to make electricity. Did you know that 20% of U.S electricity comes from nuclear power plants. The U.S generates more nuclear power than any other country. The more nuclear power we use the more climate change slows down. Use less fissile full.
Kyocera TCL Solar Inaugurates Floating Mega Solar Power Plants in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan