The Divorce With Force

Henry Forces Catherine Into Divorce

What is Going On

Earlier today the news was received that Henry VIII our current king wants a divorce from Catherine of Aragon our queen.
The news emerged after it was revealed that she will not be able to produce a male heir for the king. Henry will be issuing to the pope about this and hopefully the pope will agree to Henry's wishes. Henry's terms of divorce are simple:
1. he wants a male heir
2. Catherine is to old to provide him that heir

3. Henry claims that Catherine and Arthur (his late brother) had confirmed their marriage.

4. Henry says that Catherine committed adultery

The pope apparently will be receiving the letter shortly and will soon be giving his verdict.

Henry wants to leave Catherine for Anne Boleyn a young girl who comes from a privileged family and will be wanting to make a good impression on Henry our king. We hope that Anne will provide a son for Henry as it is just what he deserves. So we say good luck to Henry and Anne the new King and Queen.