Parent Conference Night

November 21, 2013

My Apologies..

I am unable to be here tonight as I have a previously scheduled engagement (GEAUX SAINTS!!!). Those of you that have signed up for conferences, I have corresponded with you prior to this evening. Those of you who wish to schedule an appointment with me, please call me at 678-874-3628 or email me at (email is best) to set up either a phone or face-to-face conference.

Encouragement goes a loooong way...

What I've learned from students...

I have been talking with students to find out what is hindering their progress in my class.

  1. Time Management: The number one reason is time management. Many students are involved in extracurricular activities and/or have jobs. They need help in creating a viable schedule to complete all tasks. I have suggested that they use an agenda planner or bulletin board calendar to record due dates or to create a prioritized "To-Do" list as I do to manage my time.
  2. Turning in Assignments: Students are completing assignments but are not turning them in (sounds crazy, I know.. but it's true). Students are afraid to and are actually embarrassed to turn in late work. However, students need to communicate the reason for being late. That way I can suggest some behaviors to prevent the "lateness".
  3. Proactive Communication - Students are good at reacting to consequences, but are not good at foreseeing and preventing negative consequences. Please encourage them to "tell the teacher" and/or "tell you" when they are experiencing some difficulty. I can better work with students when they communicate with me.
  4. Inability to Study Math - Even though I say how to study math repeatedly in class, many students still don't know how to study math. I have listed some tips in another section of this newsletter.
  5. Laziness - Unfortunately some students are lazy and are procrastinators. They know better but just won't do better. These students require extra prodding and pushing in order to get them to do what is necessary to be successful in class. They are the hardest to deal with because the drive to succeed has to come from within.

How To Study and Succeed in Math Class

  1. You learn math be doing math. You have to do problems in math to experience the ecstasy of solving a problem correctly and the agony of getting it wrong.
  2. You can memorize formulas, however, it is more important to learn when to use them and how to apply the formulas. Write the formulas down prior to using them; identify what is given and the unknown that you are asked to find.
  3. Mathematics builds upon each concept. You will use everything that you've learned from Kindergarten through high school courses in your current math class. For that reason, you need to really learn and understand the concepts.
  4. Attend class regularly and on time. Most of the teaching occurs when you first enter class, you need to be there in order to receive the information.
  5. Always keep your old notebooks as they contain valuable information that you will be able to use in your current class (and it helps to jog your memory).
  6. Take GOOD notes. Whether are not you choose to use an outline format or Cornell Notes....TAKE GOOD NOTES!! Good notes help you to remember how to do some problems.
  7. Ask GOOD questions. Good questions are those that help you to understand the concept.
  8. Review your notes daily for 15 minutes.
  9. Create flashcards to learn vocabulary, formulas, rules, and procedures. Study these daily.
  10. Form a study group. Study groups work together to figure out problems.
  11. Do HW as soon as possible so you don't forget everything you learned in class.
  12. DON'T GIVE UP!! Keep trying, you will eventually get it and you will feel GOOOD!!!