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Children and Their Work 4.4 - 4.8

Science Dad

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This past Thursday, Adam's father, Cliff, (otherwise referred to as 'Science Dad') came to share his knowledge of and field questions about the brain. Science Dad came equipped with an image of his own brain and a life-sized model for the children to assemble and disassemble. The children had incredible questions. They were particularly interested in learning more about how the right and left hemispheres of the brain control the opposite side of the body.

Additionally, we enjoy having parents in to share more about what they love and do while their children are at school. If you would like to co-lead a morning meeting alongside us, or facilitate an exploration center, please email us.

Space Exploration and Planning Play

At the start of the week, a few children chose to reopen the space center. This year's space center is looking remarkably different than lasts. An exploration of the Apollo II Mission, and New Horizons are the focal points this time around. A number of videos were watched on the first day, included the original CBS television footage or the Apollo II landing. Following this video, Niyarah chose to paint a picture of the moon. While the paint was still wet, she carefully trotted her fingers across the moon's grey surface. She was taking her first footsteps on the moon.

In hollow blocks/dramatic play, children were encouraged to plan their play. They can be seen in the photograph above writing a song. This song was written by a musical dog. It was eventually performed by all involved in the planning of play. To continue and fulfill their plan, they will have to now decide how they would like to show a second dog using his super senses to evade trouble.

Planning play can really support and serve the imagination.

Exploring Story Problems and Sharing Our Strategies

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We started a new unit in math. Throughout this unit, we'll be working to solve a variety of story problems. As with all of the math we engage with, it's our process, not necessarily the answer, that is most important. Through the image above, you can see two strategies different children used to solve for the same problem.

Take a look at your math strategies packet. Can you determine which strategies these children used?

What gorgeous thinking we are continually seeing from the Maples as they engage in problem solving across their days. Through activities such as these, they'll be exposed to more efficient and clear ways in which to express their understanding, thinking and process through pictures, numbers and words. The use of a number line and bossing numbers around are but two of the strategies our children are currently experimenting with during this period of immersion.

Looking to Texts Across Genre to Learn More About a Single Topic

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Through our reading workshop, children have been using all that they have learned about reading across genre to learn more about a single topic. Children and teachers have been looking for information about a single topic across a lot of different books, and not only informational books. We've been looking to fiction, non-fiction, literary fiction, poetry, and soon songs to learn more about a topic.

This coming week, our school's shared library will, with hope, be reopening. This will provide our children the perfect opportunity to shop purposefully across genre. We'll also be checking across multiple sources to prove or disprove facts about a single topic this coming week.

Take a look at these photos, as they highlight cross genre titles about space.

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Strolling with Tickets and Pastry in Hand Through the Oak's Carnival

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