Mindset Matters

Session 4: Pay it Forward

How far we have come

It is with mixed emotions that I update you on the final meeting of the Growth Mindset Leaders. This is because I will miss the pace and challenge of our sessions and the buzz we have gotten from stepping outside of our comfort zone on such a regluar basis.

I am so very proud of the progress that we have made, from our inital session that tackled the 'why' of Growth Mindset through to session two in which we focused upon managing our emotional brains.

Session 3 was a real turning point, we saw you step into the role of leaders with courage. We didn't know then how far you would go and how willing to embrace challenge you would be when challenge came looking.

Paying it Forward

Session 4 focused upon the fact that we must share our learning so that others can benefit from adapting to a Growth Mindset way of thinking and doing. We have been given a huge wall space to fill with a design that must be:

a) informative

b) cool to look at

c) authentic (we want to know what YOU have learned)

A LOT of thinking went into your design, everyone contributed and valued the contributions of others which is further confirmation that you are leaders in the field of Growth Mindset.

The image below is a halfway point and needs a little extra work but I have a feeling that it is going to make an amazing 'Wall of Wonder' which is just what we need to keep Growth Mindset at the forefront of our thoughts.

Well done from me, Mr Ovink and Mr Davey

This isn't the end though, you must continue to Growth your mindset, it takes practice and perseverence but as you already are starting to know, its is so worth the effort!

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