My Favorite Website:

By: Jared Norwood


This website is one of my favorites and I believe that it can be one of the people in Sweeden's favorites too. It shows how we should love sports. I saw this because people care for each other in sports. In sweeden they are a feminine so when they see that others care about each others through sports it will make them fall in love with this website. One of the many features in this website is you can play games so that can entertain the kids tha want to play this in Sweeden. The Second feature is you can watch the games that are on live and see the stats of those games live while they are on or whenever you need to see them. Last feature is you can read about the top news and the inspiring stories that have happened around the world of sports.

Three Benefits:

One benefit of this website is people will be able to see what is going on and what is happening throughout the world in sports. Second people will get inspired to help others as they see the famous players helping others during a game or out in public. Last benefit is it can help others stay in touch around the world by letting them see the scores to the game and comment or talk to someone about that game that is going on.

Espn News

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