News for the week of February 9, 2014

Lab & Classroom Schedule

Click here to see this week's schedule. Visitors this week include
  • the KEC Business Class and the Parent Resource Network
  • Mrs. Schweitzer with the Health classes (lab)
  • Mrs. Flanagan with English II (lab)
  • Mrs. Page with Ag IV (lab)
  • Booktalks with Mrs. Hill's and Mrs. Flanagan's English II classes
  • "Blind Date with a Book" with Mrs. Flanagan's Novels and Honors English II classes
  • RTHSEA lunch meeting on Friday
  • GACME Club, Pins & Needles Club, & Credit Recovery

Please send a note ASAP if your plans have changed . Thank you!

Mrs. E. White's World Geography students have made Sochi Olympics posters. Vote for your favorites in the LMC Tues. & Wed.

5th Annual Rotary Reading Challenge is underway!

  • Thank you for hanging up your reading posters!
  • Encourage students to read, read, read toward our 1,000 book goal.
  • Remind students to fill out reading slips in the LMC after finishing a book.
  • Don't forget to fill out your own reading slip when you finish a book--staff reading counts!

New Titles in the LMC

How will your classes use inter-library loan?

Janette Kooy's and Elizabeth Swinderman's classes are reading books together this month (Muchacho and We Beat the Streets, respectively). Inter-library loan is a great way to test out a title with students before making a multi-year purchasing commitment. See me for details.

Share your favorite sites for Primary Sources

I'm collecting favorite sites for Primary Sources and will compile them in an easy-to-navigate LibGuide for all students to use later this week. I've found lots of examples on library listservs, but if your classes have moved beyond the Library of Congress site, please share!