The Echo Memo: Feb. 29th: LEAP DAY!

A weekly memo to the Smith staff from your leadership team.

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Bright Spots from the Week....

VIEW PHOTOS - of last week's Bright Spots! PLEASE add more from what you see! :)

  • Pledgers, Greeters, Artists, Writers!
  • Teacher of the Year - Ms. Wanda Smith Parade!!
  • BOOT CAMP 4th Grade
  • Music Class is thick into academics - GrowingGreatLearners

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Congratulations Wanda Smith, Smith Teacher of the Year

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We Are Writers, Yes We Are! 1st Annual Writers Boot Camp was a Huge Success!

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Critical Writing!

The last chapter of our book study includes a focus on writing. These students in first grade are writing for a purpose. We all know that to be a better writer - students MUST WRITE every day - every day - every day.

  1. Read Pages 81 - 93, Fundamental Five, "Critical Writing"
  2. Complete the Reflection Page by Thursday, March 11th.

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This Week's Highlights - View Calendar for full detail

SMITH CALENDAR - Click to view the calendar

OR - the HOME page of the Intranet

CHECK IN at the Calendar for updates.

View the Principal's Calendar at the Echo Memo Blog Spot (Google Calendars Rock)


March 1st Open House - 6:30-8:00. Teachers will share information with parents.

>> Consider having students share their data notebook with their parents. Watch the video to see examples of how it can be a fantastic way for parents to learn about their child's work.

March 1- Texas Public School: SPRING OPEN HOUSE, 6:30pm - 8:00pm - Student Data Notebooks are a great way to share during this come and go event.

March 3 - Early Act First Knight Ceremony, 8:30 PK-2; 9:30 3rd-4th

March 4 - Severe Weather Drill, 2pm


Be sure to check the dates for the year at a glance page.

MARCH 7: All Day Planning:

4th Grade - Monday

3rd Grade - Tuesday

2nd Grade - Wednesday

1st Grade - Thursday

Kinder - Friday

March 5-9 - Diagnostician & LSSP Week

March 10 - Science Night: Strong Fathers Strong Families, 6:30pm

Capacity Teams for TEKS Resource System

Region X requested that you bring examples of student completed Performance Assessments. Thank you!

Morning Announcements

Morning Announcements Schedule:

This week students are from Ms. Bateman's 4th grade class:

  • Select students for the week by MONDAY and have ready to roll.

  • Post their names in your room as a reminder.

  • Students will need to be in the office at 8:00am, ready to lead.

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Growing Great Readers

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Click on the Link to

Student Led Conferences: Consider Preparing this for Open House, March 1st

Read about this NEW PARENT CONFERENCE MODEL Articles: more »

Text Connections: Guided Reading

A great resource for *Guided Reading Text Connections. * Please bookmark it and refer to as you plan lessons either for the whole class or a *small groups *who are reading on the K-2 level. more »

Library Schedule Changes AND Book Fair Begins - Read more >>

Keep Texas Beautiful Art Contest, Scholarships and More

Attention all kindergarten through 5th grade teachers: Don’t mess with Texas® and Keep Texas Beautiful invite you to participate in their Elementary School Art Contest more »

Math Madness for Grade 1 - 4: March 7 - April 16

How does Math Madness help my students? It's a great way to get students excited about math! In 2015, students raced to answer millions of questions with more than 84% accuracy. more »

Cool Down for Classrooms: Social and Emotional Learning

Mindful Practices empowers teachers and students through yoga and wellness to create a more effective educational environment. more »

Check out Blendspace: Free Tool for Teaching and Learning

Blendspace is a free web tool for teachers to collect resources in one place to form a bundled, interactive lesson for students or colleagues. The Ultimate Math Blendspace offers a huge collection of resources! more »

Duncanville ISD Spirit of a Champion Nominations are Open

The *Duncanville ISD Spirit of a Champion* award recognizes district employees who have demonstrated expertise and leadership in the area of education for the betterment of our students and district. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 Spirit of a Champion Awards. more »

Test Anxiety - What it Looks Like and Ways to Minimize It

*By Suzanne Gardner District Coordinator of Assessment and Counseling, Duncanville ISD* The spring semester brings increased opportunities for testing. For many students the anticipation of tests, especially high-stakes tests, can create test anxiety. What are signs that suggest your students may be experiencing harmful levels of test anxiety? more »

Questioning - Be Prepared

*A PEDAGOGY OF QUESTIONING* How can I improve questioning in the classroom? How can I help my students ask better questions and ensure the learning sticks?" At a minimum, teachers need to learn the following idea in order to become more proficient at questioning...more

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