Some Suggested Apps


  • Take attendance
  • Enter grades (kind of painful to do)
  • Modify grades (not as painful)


  • Students take STAR Reading & Math tests (needs wifi on to work)


  • Students take AR tests (needs wifi on to work)

Show Me

  • Use as whiteboard
  • Record yourself as you explain a skill or sequence (i.e. how to complete a Buddy Check sheet)
  • Can save the recordings to playback at any time
  • Students can record Book Talks
  • Many, many uses!

Haiku Deck

  • Slideshow
  • Type high frequency words for students to practice reading
  • Students type high frequency words to practice
  • Students could type short stories (use each slide as a page)
  • The graphics are great!


  • Import pictures and annotate right on them
  • Great for labeling things (i.e. volcanoes, parts of the Earth, 3-D shapes, etc.)
  • Students can email their finished drawings to you from the iPad

Google Drive

  • Gives you access to your Google Drive documents
  • Can click on and edit documents from the app


  • This app is already on the iPads
  • I have email address attached to each set of iPads: (the blank is filled with the color of the iPad covers - mine are This is already set up on each iPad for you

  • Students can submit work to you by emailing it to you.
  • You can email links to the iPads to make installing paid apps easier
  • You can email work to the iPads for students to do
  • Lots of possibilities


  • This language arts app has many levels of vocabulary words
  • The upper levels get really difficult!

Grammar Dragon

  • Students practice categorizing parts of speech
  • Very motivating to keep playing until you learn the parts of speech required
  • Contains many grade levels of practice