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Leadership Notes: Promoting to the next level

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Hey Hey Leaders of the Movers and Shakers!

I am SO excited for February... do you know why?? It is not because of the Amazing sales, fun parties or events I have going on... its because February is historically a HUGE month for... PROMOTIONS!!!

YOUR promotion, to be exact!
Do you know what you need in order to promote to the next level? Have you made a game plan? It is NEVER too late to strategize and plan for an awesome month, week or day! Many of you are aiming for a promotion to Senior Consultant, or even Director!

  • To reach Senior Consultant, you need to have 2 Active & Qualified Consultants. (Qualified means they have submitted their first $1000 in sales)
  • To reach Director, you need $4,000 in Team Sales, a minimum of $1000 of the $4000 is yours in Personal Volume and 4 active & qualified consultants.

With so many of you that have 1 or more team members, Senior Consultant and Director are VERY do-able.

So how do you motivate a team? How do you get your team to sell/recruit and grow their business? Isn't that the million dollar question?? Hah!

The short answer is.... YOU CAN'T. The long answer is.... you can't make anyone do anything they don't want to do BUT you can implement some strategies to create an environment where your team members WANT to grow.

Here are some ideas:
- Check in with each team member a minimum of once a month
- Challenge your team! Incentivize them to provide some healthy competition. Some people just can't resist a good challenge!
- Lead by example! You can't expect YOUR team to recruit/sell/party etc if you aren't. Show them that you are right there "in the trenches" with them!
-Talk with them about their "why" and the reasons they started in the first place. Sometimes we all need to be reminded as to "why" we joined, and that reminder reignites us.

I am going to continue (as best I can) to email you all every few weeks to check in with you. Check in with your teams and be sure they know what they need to get to the next level. It can be as simple as them knowing. Remember what is easy for us, is sometimes not as easy for a new person.

I know in my CORE that YOU have it in you to build a productive and motivated team that can carry you up the compensation plan! We can do this together, AND with these promotions comes SWEET rewards (Trip points, AND bigger paychecks and $1000 Bonus Checks!)

So, you are on my "leaders list" because you have at least one person on your team. :) Promoting with Thirty-One is sooooo attainable. Remember you do not have a sales requirement for yourself until you get to DIRECTOR. That can be as easy as one or two home parties and one or two catalog parties each month. Just reach out to your team and see how you can help.

I am SO proud of what you all are accomplishing!