Banyoles and the Canals

The Canals of Banyoles and his history


The canals

Banyoles area was originally marshland until the monks arrived in Banyoles and they need got water, they built canals and then started establishing a population next of the canals. Over time the canals have lost all importance. The canals of Banyoles are:

Teixidor Canal

Ca n'Hort Canal

Canal of the Xo's Figg Tree

Major Canal

Guèmol Canal

Canal dels Xucladors

The last one canal isn't abiable to be visioned because it enter to the underground.

Teixidor Canal

Ca n'hort canal

Canal of the Xo's fig tree

mayor canal

guèmol canal

The situation of the canals

For more information about the canals you can go to the tourist office of the lake.

The tourist office is easily to found going along the lake.