Artist of the Month

Tejinder Ladi Singh

Artist of the Month

An artist by Aptitude, Tejinder Ladi Singh is all about Instinctive Experimentation and Creative application.

His inspiration and guiding force has always come from within him….his inner voice.

"The realization that Art is less about this earthy world and more about the heavenly or the spiritual one, seems to have had an over-riding effect on any other passion that I have had in life. I have found I could best express with colors and shapes what I found hard to do in any other way. I find pleasure in the creative use of less popular mediums – Soft and Oil Pastels using discerning and subtle techniques" - Tejinder Ladi Singh

Concrete Jungle | Acrylic/Oil on Paper | 27 x 19 in | Rs. 39, 000 |
Platform No. 1 | Acrylic/oil on Paper | 39 x 27 in | Rs. 65, 000
Urban Jungle VII | Acrylic/Oil on Paper| 30 x 24 in |Rs. 39, 000 |
Urban Jungle III | Acrylic/Oil on Paper | 36 x 25 in | Rs. 39, 000