Come to Portland Kids Hospital

CEO Kurby Vowels

Our Hospital is ranked Number 1 in the state of Oregon

The five things we cover the best are Cancer(#49), Diabetes and Endocrimaloges(#42), Geriatrics(#32), Gynecologyand(#44), head and neck surgery(#24). The U.S. news best hospitals 2013-14 ranked us in the top fifty for how good the treatment is in those category.


We have 500 rooms and 400 doctors and 450 nurses at our hospital they are some of the best doctors and nurses in America. Our staff helps more than 9,500 people every year for medical attention.

The population of Portland is 603,106

Come to our hospital!

Our hospital has some of the best doctors in America. Three of the best doctors are named Malcolm Newell, Carson Kramer, and Dylan Albrecht. We also have some of the best nurses Mosai Newsom, Bryson Hervol, and Ethan Reichert.
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