The War of 1812

By: Jeffrey Johns

Causes of The War of 1812

1. Impressment continues and the british set up a blockade, This cause restricted trade and travel.

2. Native American attacks along the Mississippi river- This was encouraged by the british.

3. Tecumseh a Native American chief. He united tribes in Indiana territory against America.

4. William Henry Harrison led a surprise attack at Tippecanoe. This played a major role on this war.

Battle Regions of The War of 1812

1. Chesapeake Campaign- The british burned down the white house. They also burned down the capital building at Washington D.C.

2. Naval Battles- " Old Ironsides " sinks british ships. The british blockade restricts trades and travel.

Effects of The War of 1812

1. The U.S. gets worldwide respect. this lets other nations the U.S. is a powerful force.

2. Federalists look bad. When burr kills hamilton in a duel this makes the federalists loose power and also look bad.

3. Native Americans loose much land and power. With Europeans moving into Native territory upsets the Natives because they are loosing their land and power.

4. War heroes emerge as political leaders in America. For example Andrew Jackson and William H. Harrison.