Artificial Intellisystems!

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

How does this affect Management Information?

Aritificial Intelligence (AI) allows a user to make a system or computer do work instead of a human practically doing it themselves, these systems will have settings that allow the system to meet capable requirements needed to complete tasks within the human world, these settings will change the way work is completed.

AI also allows for less errors to appear as it will be programmed to complete work correctly and to the correct industry standards, this means that AI could also be a problem to the future generations as it could overcome the need for human workers in the workplace.

In Management Information, expert systems could help by managing stock takings and updating data when stock has changed or if information about the stock has changed, if stock is in large supply then the system could change the prices of stock to reflect how much stock is needed to be sold to allow for more space and also if there is low stock then the prices can be raised so stock can stay in supply until an order is made, and then the expert systems can put orders in as well to keep the company stocked.

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