Annie Leibovitz

Vanity Fair 100th Issue

Background History

This photograph is of Kate Upton on the cover of the 100th anniversary issue of Vanity Fair. This cover was released for the October 2013 issue of Vanity Fair, and has a spread with photos that mimicked those from the first ever issue of the magazine in 1913. This includes photos of Kate which make it look as if she is sitting in the moon. There are also spread pictures comparing our age to the jazz age. These are all studio photographs, and I believe Annie was looking to make comparisons from 1913 to now to see the difference of one hundred years.

My Opinion

I think that this is a great cover for the 100th anniversary issue of Vanity Fair. It's really got the look that makes it perfect for comparison to the first issue. I think the way they used color on the cover made the vintage look they were going for. Kate Upton looks really flirty and is about to blow out the candle on the little birthday cake. It looks almost pinup girl like. I think it's very effective.