The Roaring Twenties

By Sabrina Madero

Red Scare: The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

What is this new threat called Communism, and why are people so afraid of it?

- This new threat of communism is an idea created by Karl Max years before it was first used by the country of Russia. In America's eyes it was seen as something that should be feared because it was something new. Communism was an idea that everyone was treated equally based on their work and everything was public to the community, like one big family that weren't allowed to have any secrets.

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Automobile I: The Life and Times of Henry Ford

Look at Ford, the innovator, and discuss what impact he himself had on society.

- Ford was a man that everyone in America still thanks today. He was able to create high priced items and turn them into something affordable for everyone by using the assembly line. The model T was the first affordable car of its time making life easier and more enjoyable for all Americans. Also, fun fact, Henry Ford was the first person to give his workers Saturday and Sunday off of work because he thought leisure time would help the workers be more motivated on the next work day. This came to be known as weekends which we all use today.

Automobile II: The new world of Automobility

How did the automobile change society?

- The creation of an affordable car led society in a luxurious direction. People no longer had to live in crowded cities but could live farther away in suburbs and still have a well paying job in the city. People could spread out and travel to different parts of the U.S. having that freedom. There was more privacy as well being able to go out on dates, out into the city without being stuck on the property with your parents. It gave society a new way of living.

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The Mass Media I: Radio

Describe the new mass culture created by the radio.

- In the 1920's everyone wanted this invention, the radio. The radio was another invention that changed society in the 1920's. A radio gave people all of the country a chance to have something in common with someone who was thousand of miles away from you. The biggest hit on the radio was baseball, and everyone loved hearing about the Great Bambino the Yankees player that was said the be the best baseball player ever to be born. People all the way from California were able to root for Babe Ruth even thought they were miles away leaving them to have the country more united in something else rather than their country.

The Mass Media II: The birth of movies and movie stars.

Detail the impact of this new phenomenon

- People now went to the movies for entertainment, to laugh and to cry. There were live action dramas and comedies all over the nation. Some of these stars were Charlie Chaplin who made the nation laugh. There was a new form of entertainment which was called blackface which was very racist but people still paid for it. And also the first live cartoon for the nation to see was by Walt Disney and the beloved mouse Mickey.

Changing roles of Women

Describe the styles and lifestyles of the Flapper as well as the women’s struggle for equality.

-women became more valued after their contribution to WWI. They were now given more freedom and independence. They began to break the rules or what was thought to be a normal society and began to live their life with more passion and adventure. They were able to thrive in this new environment that they found themselves in.

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Evolution and the Scopes Trial

Describe the rise of religious fundamentalism and the clash between religion and science.

- When the scopes trials approached fundamentalism became more popular. The idea of evolution was not to be taught in schools because the theory itself was a disgrace to the religion in the "one true god". Leaving many to debate whether or not evolution should be taught in schools.

Fighting Racism

Discuss the importance of the NAACP, the UNIA, Marcus Garvey, and/or Black Nationalism.

- The NAACP is an organization that is still alive today but in the 1920's it was fighting against racism. They published the book "The Crisis" and fought against racist discrimination. One of their biggest goals was to gain anti-lynching laws so that the murdering of innocent African Americans could stop. Black people in the 20's were also strengthened and inspired through the Harlem Renaissance. They had famous writers, singers, and musicians that strengthened their black pride.

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Jazz Age I

The origins and nature of jazz and its various styles should be examined.

- Jazz had the best new hits in the 20's. It was something that no one had heard before and brought a new generation of music to the society. One of the most famous jazz artist is Louis Armstrong, people all over the US came to see him perform at famous clubs or speakeasies.

Jazz Age II

Discuss the importance of the musician’s work. Highlight one specific musician or piece.

- Another famous musician in the Harlem Renaissance time period was Duke Ellington. He was very famous for his music because he used jazz to entertain people and the people loved it. He is viewed as one of the most famous jazz players and even has a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

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Painters of the Harlem Renaissance

Examine the contributions of artists to the Harlem Renaissance. Highlight one specific

artist or piece.

- A famous artist of the 1920's was the artist Picasso. He painted amazing art much of which was a cubism style. Cubism is when you paint an object from multiple angles. He was very talented and made good money off of his paintings, some of which are hanging up in museums today.

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

Examine the contributions of literature to the Harlem Renaissance. Highlight one specific author, poet or piece.

-There were many different writers in the Harlem Renaissance but one of the most influential is Langston Hughes. He wrote poems on anti-racism and stood up for his black culture. His poems also increased black nationalism because of how powerful they are. Some people still continue to glance upon them today.

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Heroes of American Aviation

Discuss the importance of either Charles Lindbergh or Amelia Earhart to American culture

by describing their life and times.

- Charles Lindbergh was a hero to the US. He was the first person every to fly across the Atlantic ocean. He came back to the US with millions of fans awaiting his arrival. Lindbergh soon disliked the attention when his son was taken and murdered. This is when the Lindbergh kidnapping laws were established making kidnapping illegal. Amelia Earhart on the other hand was the first women to fly around the world. Sadly though her plane went missing during the expedition.

American Sports

Discuss America’s love affair with baseball and Babe Ruth, or The Black Sox Scandal or any other 1920’s popular sport.

- Baseball became a favorite sport in the 20's, especially when the radio came out to announce the games live. Everyone's favorite player was Babe Ruth. He is know as the greatest baseball player of all time and had the nickname of the "Great Bambino". The country was now united all by the same player that they were rooting for.

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Organized Crime

Examine the crime bosses in Chicago and detail Al Capone’s life and legacy.

- Al Capone is one of the most notorious gangsters ever heard of. He grew up poor but then as he got older he became involved in gangs and by the 1920's Al Capone became one of the most well known gangsters making a fortune off of bootleg alcohol. He became arrested in the 30's and died in his cell at age 48.

Racism and Nativism in the 20s

Describe the impact that the Ku Klux Klan had on 1920’s society.

- The Ku Klux Klan had dramatically increased from previous years to the 20's. Its population reached about 4 million and it was because of normalcy. People saw the Klan as something normal now rather than creepy and weird. It had become a membership organization that you had to pay to be in and you would also get paid if you invited your friends to the Klan.

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Immigration Restriction

Explain the philosophy behind the Comprehensive Immigration Law of 1924 and the quotas it established.

- In the 1920's immigrants became more and more hated through out the country. The National Origins Act was passed in 1924, that limited immigrants from southern and eastern Europe. This act led to false accusations like the case of Sacco & Vanzetti. They were two Italian men who were charged with murder and sentenced to the death penalty because of their race and they were and easy target.