Food Critic

By : Alyssa Belcourt

Annual Income

A food critic makes a decent amount of money but it also depends on how many reviews they write. They can make as much as $85,000 a year but they could also make less than that because like I said it all depends on how many reports they write. The amount of experience you have can also be a factor on how much money you make.

Training and other Qualifications

To become a food critic you need to have a bachelors degree and have to have studied in the fields of English, communication, and journalism/related liberal arts.nYou need to have several years of journalism experience before you can become a food critic and you need quit a few skill. Some skills or things needed to be a food critic needed are strong written communication, creativity, critical thinking, knowledge of word processing, and online publish and social media software.

Advancements and promotions

In the food critic industry you can't really get a promotion the only thing that really happened is that you get higher quality restaurants to write about and critic. This is I guess a promotion because the higher the quality the restaurant is the more you get paid to write a review.

Daily life

So when you are a food critic you need to exercise daily or you will get bloated because of all the food and things that you intake during the day. Being a food critic is similar to other jobs because they have to work. Five days a week because the have to eat the food evaluate it and then write a review of the restaurant which could take days depending on how good or bad the restaurant is.