Counselor's Corner - Summer 2020

Last Week of School - June 1 - June 5

A Message from your Counselors

As we come to the end of another school year and with so many things going on around the world, we want to remind you that as we move on to our Summer break, it is important that we find BALANCE in our life. What does that mean?

Well making sure that we take care of ourselves in the following areas:

*physical health

*mental & emotional health

*social health

When we find ourselves spending most of our energy in only one area, then we find ourselves feeling UNBALANCED, like something is "off". Counselor Keri refers to this BALANCE as , "The Wellness Triangle". (You can find a picture of the wellness triangle below)

So how do we find BALANCE? Keep scrolling down to find out!

Parents/Guardians, teachers, staff and students it has been a pleasure working with you this year and we look forward to the next! As always we hope that you find this information helpful!

With much appreciation,

Mrs. Garcia & Mrs. James

A powerful message to keep in mind this summer:

"Pinwheels are a symbol of HOPE, they remind us that with a little bit of "wind" we can turn our situation around"

- Clarity Guidance Center

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Summer Reading - Take a look at these articles!

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"How to Help Your Child Transition to Summer" -

"Nutrition Plays an Important Role in Children's Brain Health" -

"Mental Health Wellness: What you need to know" -

"Building Mental Health Resiliency in the Summer Months" -

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Dear Fifth Grade Falcons,

Soon you will be moving from elementary to middle school. This is an exciting time filled with lots of opportunities for learning new things, joining clubs, taking part in extracurricular activities and starting new friendships! You will find that middle school has many friendly adults ready to help you have a great and successful middle school experience.

Your move to middle school is an important step in your journey to high school graduation and adulthood. Many wonderful and exciting days are ahead as you begin selecting courses that look interesting. Some of these courses may even help you to choose a career!


Best wishes,

Your counselors,

Mrs. James & Mrs. Garcia

Use this link to read an article on: "Heading to middle school: It's going to be OKAY!"
NISD's Middle School Experience
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Final Cut

Looking for something to do this summer? Here are some ideas!

"Have a great Summer!" from Mrs. Garcia & Mrs. James

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Mrs. Garcia

Counselor for Pre-k, Kinder, 2nd and 4th

Mrs. James

Counselor for Pre-k, 1st, 3rd and 5th

Mrs. Rodriguez - Social Worker

Communities in Schools Program