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Usborne Books are award-winning books that capture a child's imagination and interest. Whether you look forward to educating your kids on the wonders of the world, or just want to them to keep them a quiet for awhile, you are going to love what you see!

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Board Books

First book video...ENJOY!!

85% of all brain development happens before age 5! Start early!

Facebook Board Books Fall 2015

Activity books

Let's keep our kids busy and creating! LOVE having these activity books on hand for birthday gifts and for curing boredom!
Activity Books

Story Time!

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Nonfiction Books

Anyone have kids who love to learn fun things?? Usborne is THE leading publisher of children's nonfiction! Printed nonfiction is incredibly important to have in the home.

Many kids actually lack printed nonfiction because of technology and therefore are struggling to learn to read nonfiction today in school!


Lift-the-Flap Books

Peek, Look, and See inside and answer all those questions kids have! The average four year old ask over 407 questions per day!
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Ways to Save: Collections, Combined Volumes & Customer Specials

Save money when you buy a collection of books from your favorite series or author.

Combined volumes give you the advantage of multiple books combined into one volume.

For every $40 you purchase, shop from our Monthly Customer Specials page (& save up to 60%!)

More Ways to Save

Host a Show - get together with your friends (in person or online) and earn free and half-priced books.

Join Today - start your own business and earn money selling the product, building your library along the way.

Ask me for more information!

Shopping Time!

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