December 22, 2017

Thank you to all that were able to attend our Empower Family Night back on December 5th. We had a good turnout and had lots of fun playing Bingo and decorating cookies.

Winter break begins on the December 22 and we return to school on January 2nd.

Language Arts 1/2: We are finishing our Unit 2 on adversity with a research writing assignment. Students were able to choose a person to research and then worked on citing evidence within their essay. Our skills in literacy have focused on main idea, writing a summary and theme of a story. We will begin Unit 3: Heroes after winter break. Also, we are starting to study root words to improve student vocabulary.

We are asking all students to bring in a 1 inch binder and a spiral notebook after winter break. We will keep it in the classroom to use when needed. Mrs. Swanson and Miss Kifletsadik welcome any extra binders that parents would like to purchase too. Thank you.

Math: The sixth grade math students are winding down 2017 in different places. The advanced math classes are working on calculating the area of parallelograms, rectangles, and triangles. The regular math classes are finishing fractions and decimals and will be starting basic algebraic equations. A good portion of time will be spent exploring the concept of variables, constants, and coefficients. The distributive property of multiplication will play a big part in solving and factoring these algebra problems.

Science: The students finished 2017 taking an online district science assessment. This thirty-three question test will be used as a measurement to see how the students did acquiring knowledge from our first unit about chemistry. Before the winter break, the student will be exploring the concept of energy. Alliant Energy provided each student with an energy saver pack. In each pack there is high efficiency shower head, sink nozzle, digital thermometer, as well as four energy-efficient LED light bulbs. The classes will also explore the different forms of energy and ways to harness natural resources to provide electricity to consumers.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our study of ancient Mesopotamia with a look at Hammurabi's Code. This ancient code has direct links to some of our laws today. We will begin a short unit on ancient Greece upon our return from winter break before looking at a history of the Olympics. The Winter Olympics begin the first week of February.

Personalized Learning: We have been preparing to produce our own StoryCorps type interviews. We have practiced interview skills using the StoryCorps lessons and watching/listening to interviews. Students will try their first StoryCorps interview over winter break. Attached are a couple of pieces of helpful information. Students will also have information related to the assignment before leaving on break and should know the specific requirements. Thanks for your help!

Happy Holidays From The Empower Teachers

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