November 2022


11/3 - School of Choice VUSD

11/10- No Class Acts

11/18 - Cheers for Children Kick Off

11/18 - Homestead Night at the Movies: On the Homestead lawn

11/22- No Class Acts

11/23-11/25 - Thanksgiving Break


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Hi Homestead Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Fall Break! We are ready to dive into November. Last month, we focused on Bullying Prevention. I was able to teach lessons with the focus on being kind, how to practice upstanding behavior, and how to welcome differences amongst us.

For Unity Day, all grade levels during Class Acts made a kindness paper chain. We wrote and drew words of encouragement and acts of kindness. By doing this, we are showing unity amongst our school community and how we can continue to show compassion to others throughout the school year.

In the month of November, the focus will be continuing to work with students in small groups during Class acts. This month I will be offering skills for Middle Schools students on stress management, anxiety, and organization/study skills. If you are interested in having your child participate in this type of group work and enhance these skills during the months of November-December - please contact me via email or by phone ( Once I see the feedback, I will move forward with days and times. The responses will determine if it will be in person or via zoom.

I have been offering office hours on Thursdays from 9:30-10:30, but moving forward, I will be available by appointment and flexible with timing. As always, I am here to support & please feel free to connect with me when something arises!

Kind regards,

Danielle Zide

School Counselor

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Annual Cheers for Children Fundraising Efforts

Dear VUSD Families & Staff,

It is time once again that we request your support for the 70th Ventura Cheers for Children campaign. The Ventura Cheers for Children annual fundraiser is a Ventura Unified School District effort to provide food for families in need during the holidays. This year, we are partnering with Food Share to maximize our community fundraising efforts and provide our families with delicious and healthy food. We are hopeful that we will raise enough funds to also include a gift card to families in need to shop for additional food or other items they may need. With your help, we raised over $17,000 last year, assisting 400 VUSD families!

Donations are accepted electronically through Venmo @VenturaCheersForChildren (confirmation # 6371), making it an easy and accessible way to participate. However, checks and cash are still accepted. Checks should be made out to Ventura Cheers for Children and given to your School Office, who will then forward the donations to my office. Please include the school you are supporting in the note section. If you have any questions regarding this year’s Ventura Cheers for Children campaign, please contact Rose Ramirez at 805-641-5000 x1009 or Amy Dahm x1014.

Thank you in advance for helping to make this season a happy one for those less fortunate!

Happy Holidays!
Dr. Antonio Castro
Ventura Cheers for Children Chairperson

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Tuesday /Thursday Pick-up / Drop-off Procedures:

Pick-up / Drop-off procedures for Homestead:
1. The main gate (Gate 1), will be closed from 11:15am-2:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
2. All student drop off and pick up will be at Gate 2 during these times. There will be an adult waiting at the gate to greet students and direct them to their class or activity at drop off, and to guide students to their family vehicle at pick-up time.
3. Parents can drive in the Homestead driveway and turn around in front of Homestead's limited parking spots and head towards Gate 2 and the exit.
4. Parents can pull up along the curb in front of Gate 2 for loading and unloading only (like at an airport).

At pick up time on Tuesdays and Thursdays (2pm), we will have the students near the gate ready to be picked up when you pull up. This area by Gate 2 provides better visibility for staff, students, and parents, easier temporary parking for loading and unloading and will help make the process smoother for all. If you would like to walk your children to Gate 2 for drop-off, or if you would like to meet your student at Gate 2 for pick-up, please park on Day Rd. or across the street in the Ventura College East lot.

Reminder: Please drive slowly in our parking lot and watch for students crossing. Although no speed limit is posted, we ask that you drive under 10mph in the lot.

Please share these parking procedures with anyone responsible for picking up or dropping off your child at Homestead.

Thank you so much for following these procedures and helping us keep our children safe and keeping traffic moving smoothly.
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